Asalamu alaikum from the UK

Hello, i'm Yara (aka A Muslimah's Musing's, which is an online alias).
Jazakallah khair for letting me be apart of this group. Inshallah we can learn alot from each other and enjoy some great reads!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then i'll begin...

I was born and raised in England UK and I reverted to Islam when I was 16 alhamdulilah. Marriage came shortly after, I say 'shortly' it was three days later mashallah. I'm not one to mess around!
I'm now 21 and a qualified child care practitioner and am currently looking into Midwifery.

Always had my head in a book subhanallah. Whether it's a course textbook, reading a book to the children, a fashion magazine or a good old hardback - i was there. Is it just me or is it so much better reading a hardback over a paperback? ^_^

Of course it all started from when we are younger; taking in lots of new information, looking at the colours on the page and getting sucked into a whole new world.

What were your favourites?
Some of mine were (all age ranges);
"Dear Zoo", "Where's Spot?", "Winnie the Pooh", "Kipper", "Paddington Bear", "Each Peach Pear Plum", "Peter Rabbit", "James and the Giant Peach", "Matilda", "Harry Potter", "The Snowman".......and no doubt so many more. However my all time favourite has got to be "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

I even enjoy reading that to the children and watching their faces light up. It's colourful, interactive, comical AND it teaches science all in one :D What's not to love? Also, you may not know this but in Arabic "Yara" means 'little butterfly' which i loved and I feel that it relates to me as caterpillars transform into butterflies and it mirrors my reversion in a way. Strange huh? but that's just me.

We have the usual reads but upon reverting that opens a new door. There are so many novels written by Muslimahs on the shelves now. I'm about to start "Love in a Headscarf" after hearing some great reviews.

How can we talk about books and forget about the book that has had most influence on us?

The Quran

Containing helpful reminders, unedited, scientific facts and all from 1400 years ago. Does 'speechless' come to mind when remembering about this great book? As much as we enjoy reading books, let's not forget to pick up The Quran!

Until next time...

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EKRA said...

Jazakallah khair Yara for joining us:)

Bismillah Masha Allah marriage came shortly after 3 days ... know that's a wonderful story for our first EKRA book :)

Amber Misk