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I'm Shahirah, a 23 year old Malaysian who currently lives in New Zealand. I'm really happy to be on the EKRA book review team and truly excited to start reading EKRA's Islamic books. As a child my parents bought me a lot of books and I've been an avid fan of reading ever since. I always have to read something - be it books, blogs or even brochures! I'm also a final year university student majoring in Media, Film and Communications Studies. Life is extremely busy these days as I try to survive the last stretch but one of my favourite escapes would be to curl up on a couch and just read leisurely. Some of my other favourite distractions pastimes are learning about other cultures, baking, photography and blogging. So don't be shy to drop by and say hello over at my blog, Colours of My Life!

Your sister in Islam,

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EKRA said...

Thanks Shahirah and all the best in your finals :)

Amber Misk