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Assalamualaikum to all, my name is Hidayah. I am a medical doctor currently pursuing my Masters Degree. I have 3 beautiful children (Yousof, Aishah and Hamzah) and love to read, eat and blog!

I am currently in Malaysia although I spent my childhood in Jeddah and Edinburgh. I have always loved books and started reading at the age of four (haven't been able to stop since). The first "grown-up" book I read was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas when I was 7 years old. I read books from almost all genres (although I am not too fond of science fiction or horror). 

My personal blog One Day at a Time documents my day to day adventures (including book reviews) and I have also started an online library of sorts (Hidayah's Book Club) where I lend out my books to anyone who is interested to read free of charge. 

I am excited to be part of this review team as I can't wait to read good, interesting, exciting books with Islamic values (sadly I have not read as many of these types of books as I should have) and share them with all of you!

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EKRA said...

Assalamu Alaykum Hidayah :)

Bismillah Masha Allah your kids are beautiful :)

I am excited too, Insha Allah we'll start our hunt for best books to read soon :)

Amber Misk