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As Salaamu Alaiekum Wa Rahmatul Laahi Wa Barakaatuhu!

Dear Readers, This is Seema Sayyidah Ahmad from "Alwane Seema" I'm thrilled and at the same time nervous to be a part of the EKRA Book Review Team!
Honestly speaking after clicking in the joining, I was wondering what am I doing here? For I am an artist but yes I do love writing! And this is also true that I have just finished writing two books. I also love to design and illustrate book covers, and greeting cards.

Then I thought it is too late, to chicken out or blog/block out myself. So here I am facing the music introducing myself.
Writing about myself makes me nervous and as excited as four year old going to kindergarten class, taking his favorite book or toy to share and show in “Show and Tell” class. Thank God no giggling noises in the background no bumping with the desk. And no dropping of my book accidently on the floor……… I have come a long way….. from enjoying my passion for painting… to writing, and now blogging!!!!
I have studied Fine Arts from Indiana University and have attended quite a few workshops but basically I am self taught .Another favorite interest is travelling photography and reading. Although I have always loved and enjoyed writing poems, prose and letters.
I am currently a resident of Merrillville Indiana.  I devote my time to writing creating art work spending my time with my children and counting the blessings of the Almighty Creator Allaah [God.]Alhmadullilah.
For as the Prophet [Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam ] said every act that is enacted to enumerate his teachings and to please Allaah [ God] is an act of worship.
Art for art's sake alone becomes an extravagant display of vanity. The beauty and objective of Islamic Art and what sets it apart from many other art forms is to convey the spiritual ideals of God's beauty.
A little bit about my books:
 Ethnic ……this book is a visual trip entitled …………… ‘ETHNIC.’ [Tehzeeb in Urdu] It is my cultural journey experience from ‘Cultural Shock’ when I migrated to United States decades ago to ‘Cultural Shauq’ which is desire in Urdu for my homeland with more fondness’s.
The book contains beautiful illustrated mixed media art of acrylic, pastel, watercolor, photography, digital art of cultural and spiritual delight. It’s ‘’Around the Desi world in more than 100 pieces of Cultural Art Gems.’’

Living decades away from home might not provoke any sentiments for some, for they have buried their emotions of nostalgic ruminations into their deepest abyss of thoughts and have moved on with their lives. But for some emotional souls like me, who cherish pleasant memories, homesickness, longing, and yearning…I narrate here in this book visual remembrances because I think many readers may find it historically informative, interesting, or perhaps even nostalgic. I tried to weave a visual yarn by creating a tapestry of cultural essences born of my past and present and sharing my heritage by telling the tales of two continents
The second part of the book contains 100 pieces from art and description of my experience of beautiful Middle East, African, and Far East culture.
I believe my work weaves a visual yarn of cultural wonders, one eye can see despite the chaos, corruption, distortion, and restlessness prevailing in the world today. Hopefully these paintings will speak to all people from all cultures and backgrounds about a mood, a connection, a sight, a season, a moment, a gesture, a glance, a thought, an act that will helps the soul to see the dazzling light of our very own existence. We need to be connected with the Creator and His Creation. So, we can see the light and tear ourselves away from the sleek, soulless modern monotonous everyday life and get in tune with the Creator of the universe.

Second book is entitled “Home Away From Home.”
 Which is a poignant but funny saga which spans three decades of family and friends who migrated to United States, the land of opportunity. The Dreams and desires dream t in pursuit of landing in “Land Of Gold” the handling of “Cultural Shock.”The clashes of tradition and religious beliefs the untold heartaches, the memoirs, the reminiscing and romancing of the past, the sighs, the helplessness. ‘The hilarious settlement of a Desi…the desperate saving of the past thousands years of cultural heritage. The growing pain raising of ABCD’s [American Born Confused Desi] The first generation who are confused by the strong cultural values of their parents. The Desperate attempts to save both…..
I am still in the process of getting my book edited. A dear friend of mine who has a degree major in language is trying to help me [I really feel sorry for her]. The poor soul is trying hard to weed out my crazy style of writing.
So all out there with proper grammar manners humbly please forgive me….

If she survives the reading and correction then you guys might be able to buy it from Amazing Amazon. Dreaming! Dreaming!
Wishing all of you Best of luck! May Allaah Kareem help and support all your Halal Deaming…!
With love and dua’s

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EKRA said...

Thanks for joining us Seema. Like you I was nervous and excited when I started blogging and networking online. Alhamdulillah its rewarding, because I get to meet interesting sisters, like you :)

Look forward to reading "Home Away From Home"

Amber Misk