Just Imagine...

...that you're in the streets of Mumbai and sipping warm chai as the vendors before you extravagantly spread clothes of crimson silk,

or you're in ancient Arabia, gracefully passing the kingdom at the sound of the Adhan in the adorned minaret,

or sitting in American Literature class, so bored to death that you start doodling names in the notebook and accidentally pair your name with a special someone...

Whatever the story, wherever the location, books mean one important thing to me:  they take you far away, into another world, only to finish the story and realize there's so much meaning and relevance to it in your life.

Now that I've realized my dramatic introduction here, and hence the name by which I call myself, I now am honored and pleasured to greet you all!  Assalamu Alikaum! 

Switching between Dreamer and American Muslim Girl, my identity is just that.  I am a young woman full of dreams and aspirations, one of which is to write Muslim fiction and publish insha'Allah. I am from Chicago, IL and I am currently doing my undergraduate at a university.  I love reading (in case you didn't catch that :), writing, traveling (though I haven't done much of it), making films, calligraphy, scrapbooking, making greeting cards, playing with little children (until I want to pull my hair off), and so so much more!

I'd like to thank EKRA for giving me this opportunity and to be part of such an extraordinary team of sisters! I cannot wait to get to know all of you more and of course, to read all the wonderful work! :)

Yours truly,
Dreamer :)


EKRA said...

I love your intro, and I love the group :) Bismillah Masha Allah you guys our awesome :)

I pray that we all work well to promote Muslim Authors who write exciting, interesting and enjoyable books.

Amber Misk


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