Book Review Team Introduction - Sister Isahah

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatuhlahi wa barakatuh! My name is Isahah Janette Grant and I'm so pleased to be a part of the EKRA Book Review Team!

I live outside of Houston, Texas in the United States and I am a revert to Islam of 12 years, alhamdulilah. I work from home and run a desktop publishing business, Mindworks Publishing, and my blog can be found here where I enjoy writing personal essays, articles and sharing information with others. I also write online articles for as a Houston Islam Examiner.

Reading, in general, is a something that I love doing in my spare time and I enjoy just about every genre except horror although I must admit that I enjoy reading science fiction most if I had to choose just one. :-) My favorite authors (thus far) are Frank Herbert, Jane Austin and Toni Morrison, only because I can read and re-read many of their books without getting bored. It is hard, however, for me to select a favorite author because sometimes it just takes one wonderful piece of writing to appreciate an author.

I'm looking forward to working with everyone and to providing such a blessed resource to the ummah! As salaamu alaikum!


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EKRA said...

hmmm... publishing business and writing for the Examiner, Bismillah Masha Allah, now we know who to consult about our EKRA books :)

I love Jane Austin. Never lose interest in her books, I re-read them from time to time :)

Thanks for joining Isahah :)

Amber Misk