Lifewood Movies: Stories of hope

Assalamu Alaykum :)

Are you scared and terrified of change when considering a better future of hope, love and wealth after going through terrible incidents of sorrow, rejection, neglect, backstabbing, deceiving, etc.?

I have news for you, I have gone through all of these and with Allah’s help I’m alive and kicking all the “buts” ... I am talking about the buts that people tell you .... 'but its not possible", and the buts you tell yourself .... "but it won't work" All these buts that come in mind I kick them off quickly and learn to live life to the fullest. Though, every day is not so rosy because feelings of hopelessness creep in from time to time. When my heart senses it, it signals “Alert” and tells me its time to focus on hope.

Even if you haven’t gone through really sad “lifewood” movies where you were the lead actress, just listening to the daily news or others sad and desperate situations gets you down and your hopes for a better future gradually diminishes day by day.

I believe lack of hope is what’s holding you from following your dreams. You need to believe that Allah Almighty is there to help you. However you must take the first step towards hopefulness. Think, pray and do hopeful stuff and you’ll see the world hopefully different.

Share your story of hopefulness in our first publication “Lifewood Movies: Stories of hope” that will fund the education of a poor Muslim Kid.

What you think of the title? If you don’t like it, please suggest another, thanks.

Amber Misk


AH said...

I like the initiative. I'm adding a link to this on my blog in case someone wants to contribute as well.

AH said...

Hello, I'm wondering how is the response on this initiative? Do you accept fiction or is it just for true stories? I added your link to my blog to expose it cz I think it's a great idea masha'Allah. To respond, please email me at or visit my blog;

EKRA said...

Assalamu Alaykum and Ramadan Kareem :)

We are accepting only true stories :)

To be honest so far one member showed keen interest in contributing her true story.

I do apologize for the late response.

Thanks for your interest and for adding our link on your blog :)

Allah Bless You.... Ameen :)

Amber Misk