Submit only a 5 Star EKRA True Story

Assalamu Alaykum Sister :)

EKRA stories are about people extending themselves, or performing acts of love, service or courage for another person. So please follow these guidelines before submitting your story:

1. Your true story should range between 400 to 1400 words.

2. It should be exciting, inspiring, sad or funny.

3. Make sure that you introduce the character(s)

4. Write your story in the “first person style” meaning the story “should be told by you” and NOT phrased as someone else is telling it.

5. Your story should start with an action; it should include a problem, issue or conflict.

6. It should have a beginning, middle and an ending that closes with emotion

7. Tell your story in a way that will make our reader cry, laugh or get excited.

8. Tell our reader exactly how you felt, in every situation.

9. It should include dialogues and the character(s) should express their feelings.

10. It should be about something that has happened to you or someone you know.

11. It should end in a result, such as an Islamic moral learned or a positive change.

So sister, please, please, please submit  ONLY a 5 Star EKRA True Story!

Thank you,


Amber Misk

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