Stories we plan to publish

Assalamu Alaykum :)

Insha Allah we intend to publish the following book titles:

Inspiring stories
Inspirational Teachers
Rags to Riches
How I found my dream job

True Friendship
My family’s match making attempts
How I married the love of my life
Love after marriage

Thank you Mom
Thank you Dad
Count Your Blessings

Overcoming Challenges
@ work
With family and relatives
Getting over a painful divorce
Immigrating to a new country
Starting a new business

Living Islam
Eid stories
Miracles of Dua
Ramadan stories
How I became a Muslim
Stories of Courage
Stories of Kindness
Stories of Hope
Me and My Neighbour

New Life Experiences
New Mom Tales
New Bride Tales
My first Hajj trip

What other titles you think we should include?

Thanks for your feedback.

Amber Misk

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almond joycie said...

I like the format of your website. Looking forward to seeing this page full of stories that inspire!