About our blog

Assalamu Alaykum Sister :)

This blog will focus on:

  • Engaging with our authors-to-be
  • Updating our contributors about our new titles for publications
  • Informing them about any changes or additions to our guidelines.
  • Creating awareness about the plight of poor Muslim kids in refugee camps and in places of conflict.
  • Blogging about our plans and activities for Phase 1 on EKRA’s first “Learn and Earn” School for refugee kids in Yemen.
  • Talking about innovative and effective educational strategies
  • Promoting Muslim Authors

That's all for now! Do follow us on blogger and facebook and Insha Allah we'll keep you updated :)

Thank you,

Amber Misk

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Nayma said...

Assalamu alaikum. Just published a set of 4 Muslim children series:

How do you promote Muslim Authors?

Like your project. Would like to help in any way I can.